Professional Cabinet Refinishing

Update Your Cabinets

Without The High Cost Of Replacing Them


Are You Tired Of Your

Outdated Or Worn Out


Then let us help you make

your kitchen new again!

We are not just painters we are

Cabinet Refinishing Specialists

We use Industrial Imported European Coatings that are specifically designed for cabinets that exceed the KCMA standards for durability.

Waterborne Fast Drying​

Low Odor

Tough And Durable

Mildew Resistant

Non Yellowing

Smooth And Silky Appearance

We don't use chalk or DIY paints, we don't use wall paint, and we don't use trim or floor paint.


 Painting cabinets is not the same thing as painting a house, it is more like painting a car. That is why any old house painter cannot produce the finish that most homeowners expect or desire. 


You wouldn't paint your car with just any old paint, so why do that to something in your home that can cost just as much?

Our Goal is to Provide a Quality Cabinet Refinish While Protecting Your Home

Our 9 step Premium Cabinet Refinishing System is designed to provide the best quality finish while protecting your home. 

Our goal is to provide you a durable and lasting finish for your cabinets

Why Choose Red Tulip Designs

Cost Effective

The average cost for quality wood cabinets is $25,000 to $50,000 and that isn't including new countertops, flooring, plumbing, and electrical. If your cabinets are still in good shape it is more cost effective to refinish your cabinets vs replacing them.

We Use The Best Coatings In The World

Industrial Imported European Coatings that are specifically designed for cabinets

Three Year Limited Warranty

Many painters only provide a one year warranty on their workmanship and some don't even warranty their work. Red Tulip Designs offers a THREE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY because we stand behind the products we use and our workmanship.

Our Sprayers Are Designed For Fine Finishes

We have invested in top of the line sprayers to provide the best fine finishes. Our sprayers are not designed to spray your walls or exteriors like other painters, they are designed to provide a smooth and silky finish for your cabinets.

You Are Working With A Designer

Not only are you hiring cabinet refinishing specialists, you are hiring someone with a background in Interior Design so I can help you pick the perfect colors for your cabinets.

Attention To Detail

We stand behind our work so we take the time to make sure it is done right. 

"They're beautiful! Absolutely!

Like you had taken them out of the store and put them up! They are that good!"


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